The Oak Tree Group

The Oak Tree Group Supports Shake-A-Leg Miami.  An organization dedicated to helping Physically, Mentally, and Financially disadvantaged children experience the outdoors on Biscayne Bay.

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Food for the Poor

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. (Oct. 26, 2011) — ServerPronto,
home to the world’s most affordable dedicated server, has partnered
with Food For  The Poor to outfit schools in Jamaica, Haiti, Grenada,
and Guyana with 100  computer workshop sets which will accommodate 600
students at a time.


Kathy Skipper of Food For The Poor and Price Polynice of ServerPronto.

“ServerPronto  is committed to serving the needs of financially
disadvantaged youths around  the world. In order to drive a competitive
workforce in a high-tech, global economy,  learning computer skills must
be a priority for students,” said Chris Kurzweg,  Managing Director of
Infolink Group, Inc., the parent company of ServerPronto.

For  this project, Food For The Poor utilized Ncomputing X550
technology that allows  sharing of one PC with up to six users. One of
the additional benefits of using  this system in developing countries is
that it lowers electrical consumption  requirements by 90 percent. Food
For The Poor has an ambitious goal to  distribute 40,000 computers in
the Caribbean and Latin America.

By  providing computer labs for schools and orphanages in developing
countries,  Food For The Poor’s generous donors offer students a higher
level of support.  Instead of being disadvantaged, the children have the
advantage of a full  computer lab in their school/residence, along with
individual instructors who  teach the basics of computation as well as
assist the children in their  homework assignments and online research.

“Many  schools are literally starved for funds to purchase new
computers. ServerPronto  is grateful for the opportunity to help,” said
Kurzweg. “Just as our customer  base is global, our charitable efforts
must also be global. This is the  beginning of what we hope is a long
term partnership with Food For The Poor.”